Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Antique Bathroom Vanities

Antique Bathroom Vanities - Today’s homes have bathrooms of varying styles and sizes, but an antique bathroom vanity is a great choice for updating any bath decor scenario. Antique vanities soften the sometimes sterile look and feel of bathrooms, offer greater storage options for couples and families, and are available in multiple styles and shapes to suit almost any space.

Antique Bathroom Vanities
We all want a clean bathroom, but at times, the environment can feel cold and uninviting. Tile, the material in use in almost all modern baths, provides an easy cleaning surface, as well as a clean look, but it can be too severe. One approach to softening the look of a tiled bath is with an antique bathroom vanity. Dark, light, or warm wood brings comfort and warmth to the room and the contrast between the modern and familiar brings a welcome balance, allowing guests and family alike to feel at ease. Continue reading...

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