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Right Bathroom Vanity for a Half Bath

Right Bathroom Vanity for a Half Bath - If your home is equipped with a full bathroom and a half bathroom then you may likely find that you are in an interior decorating conundrum. It is probably difficult enough choosing all of the elements for your full bathroom; when you add a second half bath into the mix and it needs to be redesigned you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Each of your bathrooms should be distinct and offer a different tone. While you may want your full bathroom to be a relaxing room that features dark bold colors and tons of candles that will create a sanctuary for you to retire to at the end of a long day you may want your half bath to say something a bit different. You may want your half bathroom to be bright and welcoming as it will likely be the primary guest bathroom.

Right Bathroom Vanity for a Half Bath
With the redesign of any bathroom come the tasks of choosing the elements that you want to go into the room. From selecting the paint color to determining which type of flooring is sure to be perfect in your bathroom there are many tasks at hand. But before you begin selecting anything for your half bathroom remodel you may want to consider choosing the bathroom vanity you want. As half baths can be quite small the vanity is often the centerpiece of the room so it should be a beautiful cornerstone to build from when designing the rest of the bathroom. Read more...

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