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Bathroom Remodeling Color Scheme

Bathroom Remodeling Color Schemes - Remodeling bathroom color schemes are an extremely important first step if you’re planning a bathroom makeover. Your bathroom colors will set the mood for the room as well as determine what type of decor items are added later on. No matter what the size of your bathroom, the colors you choose will either enhance or take away from the decor theme you’re trying to accomplish. Let’s look at some ideas for appropriate bathroom decorating colors.

Bathroom Remodeling Color Scheme
Prints or Solids:

Choose between solid bathroom colors or prints, or blend the two if that’s your style. It’s really a matter of preference. If you already have your bathroom fixtures and decor items picked out then go with wall patterns or colors to match. For example you don’t want floral walls if most of your accessories are decorated with dolphins! On the other hand, if you plan to use unique wall prints, you’ll want to choose matching accessories mostly in solid colors to offset the patterns.
Some wall paper prints that work well with bathrooms include flowers, stripes, rectangular shapes or circles, animals such as butterflies or birds, angels, or jungle prints. Remember, whatever you choose will determine the style of bath rugs, fabric shower curtains, wall paintings, bathroom shelves, and other items to be added later. Read more...

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